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The 9/11 Conference in DC Was a Great Success

Sept 14-15, 2013

9/11: Advancing the Truth

Thanks to all who came to DC for this historic 9/11 truth conference.

Videos and audio recordings of the conference will be available and will be released on YouTube and other sites. We will post information about downloads when they are available.

See website for details:

Commemorating the Russian Fleets of Autumn 1863

Tarpley to Address McClendon Group, National Press Club, Washington DC, Tuesday Sept. 24, 7PM

Audio: Webster Tarpley at the Press Club

Takoma Park 4th of July Parade 2013

The parade was a great success. We had alot of fun while spreading the message of 911Truth.

Trudy the 9/11 Truth Elephant was there...

as well as the crew of dc911Truth with help from the Justice for Bradley Manning crew

Big thanks to the elephant handelers as well.


DC 9/11 Truth releases latest brochure

This updated brochure has an updated theme and updated evidence. Please help get this brochure in the hands of every patriotic and honest American. (Updated August, 2014)

View/Print brochure PDF (2 pages)

Quality prints available from DC 9/11 Truth in bulk. Order a batch of 200 professionally printed brochures for $15 (7.5 cents each, at cost), plus shipping.

Wed, September 12, 2012, 7:00 PM

College Park, MD, The University of Maryland
Nyumburu Cultural Center, College Park, MD 20742

9/11: Blueprint for Truth - A Panel Discussion

Tuesday, August 7th 6:30-8:00 pm

About Sander Hicks and his latest book

Over the past decade, New York City-based Sander Hicks has researched and pursued evidence indicating that the 9/11 attacks were carried out with the complicity or at the direction of elements within the US intelligence community, the Bush administration, the military and FBI. Using his passionate and personalized approach to journalism, Sander chronicles a series of confrontations with actors and gatekeepers, from Rudy Giuliani, to Eliot Spitzer and Dick Cheney.

The above is adapted from a book review in the June 6,2012 issue of Yes! Weekly, a North Carolina-based on-line newspaper. CLICK FOR REST OF REVIEW

DC 9/11 Truth in the 2012
Takoma Park 4th of July Parade

For more information on the parade see

Coming to DC June 21, 6:30 p.m.
Architects and Engineers for
9/11 Truth film "Experts Speak Out"

covering the latest scientific evidence of the only three steel-reinforced buildings in history have imploded. American Institute of Architects, 1735 New York Ave., NW, Washington, DC. Advanced tickets may be purchased online at

Click for PDF Flyer.

justanidea 911blogger

David Ray Griffin on Electric Politics

Dr Griffin discusses his new book, "New Pearl Harbor Revisited." He discusses a lot of newinformation discovered about 9/11 and his change in thinking on some issues. This one isa "must listen" for anyone interested in the latest info in the 9/11 truth movement.

Listen to the Interview here:

Audio: David Ray Griffin on Electric Politics

Washington, DC

dc911truth holds rallies, tabling and other public events in the DC metro area. Check the calendar of events on the right side of the page for upcoming actions.

dc911truth will continue our efforts to educate the public about thehidden history of 9/11/2001 as we forge ahead. We hold meetings every month which are open to the public. If you live in the DC area you are invited to join us for a lively discussion of the issues.

Lobby Training Documents

Lobbying Congress on 9-11 Truth (1 page)
Presenters' Notes (4 pages)
Finest Hour (Print as 1 page, 2 sides)
Addendum on Misprision (1 page)
Supplement on 9/11: General (1 page)
Supplement on 9/11: Conflicts of Interest (1 page)
Supplement on Impeaching Bush & Cheney (1 page)
Supplement on Restoring Our Constitutional Rights (1 page)
Dr. Robert Bowman's 3 minute video on the collapse of
     World Trade Center 7 for use in lobbying congress

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Friday, Aug. 15

1105 Nora Drive (Marliese's house)
Silver Spring, MD 20904
(Near RT29 and New Hampshire Ave.) Phone # is 410-733-9664.
Parking is available in the driveway, in front of the house, and along the street.